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Why get braces?

Orthodontic treatment improves your smile.

Your smile is the most striking part of your face. Look in the mirror. Do you like your smile now? Can your smile be improved?

Think about how you react to someone with a pretty smile. Do you find them more attractive? Will you be more attractive with an appealing smile?

Orthodontic treatment will make your smile look fabulous. The fabulous smile will last for the rest of your life. Think about how a fabulous smile will improve your life. Orthodontic treatment will also make your face look delightful. Wouldn't a delightful face be wonderful?

Famous people get braces

Tom Cruise, Isaac Hanson, Jennifer Elise Cox, one of the stars of the Brady Bunch, and Canadian rock star EMJAY, have had braces within the last year. Gwen Stephani from the band no doubt wears braces occasionally because the make her feel young. Many other famous people have had braces.

How many people need orthodontic treatment?

About 70% of people in the US need orthodontic treatment.